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Patrick Herman · 7 years ago

1. I will have more info to share at the pack meeting on November 1
2. Day Visitors: if I registered you as a day visitor, I have your registration bracelet and will distribute at the pack meeting. If you check the CTX Signup sheet on the website and I had you as a Camper (1 or 2 cases), or if you change your mind about camping and do just want to day visit (anyone can change) please keep reading! If you arrive and forgot your day visitor bracelet, or don't get it at the pack meeting, you will be able to get in by going to a "Need Ticket" booth on Saturday. They will have your name on the list.
3. If you are camping starting Friday night, you will be able to start arriving about 3 PM. I will be given bracelets for all Pack 404 campers so I would ask that you target 4 PM so I can beat you there to help out. This will avoid you calling me from the motor speedway and waiting on me :-)
4. Similarly, if you were going to camp out, but you decide to day visit only, I'll have your bracelet. Call my cell phone Saturday when you arrive. We'll know which families this applies to and let's arrange a reasonable meet up /arrival time. Cell is 214-392-7260.
5. If you are planning to arrive Saturday and camp, please read this carefully: the only time to arrive and be able to move your things in via car is 7 to 8:30 AM Saturday. Therefore if you are planning to arrive Saturday and then to camp, if you cannot make that time, I would urge you to consider one of two options: please arrange for another family to transport your camping gear Friday night, OR please plan to Day Visit. Making 20 trips ferrying your gear completely across TX motor speedway after it is closed to cars will be impossible.
6. If you are camping Friday and planning to leave Saturday, please read this carefully: we will ask that after the attractions close and before dinner (so between the hours of 4 and 5:30 PM) you take down your campsite and move it to your transportation. from 6 to 10 is arena show, after which would be a tough time to take down your camping gear. I do not know how/when they will let cars in to pick up gear. If you are doing this option, let me know.
7. Parking will be pretty well controlled, with separate parking for day visitors from campers, follow signage
8. Our campsite location will be pre-assigned, and I'll communicate that as soon as I receive the info.
9. Food will be as always at pack meetings - we will have a pack provided meal together Saturday late afternoon timed to end by about 5:45 PM. THe meal planned is sausages from Kuby's. Please let us know dietary restrictions - we are making a plan to have a vegetarian alternative, but input would be appreciated.
10. All other food and drink is the responsibility of the families attending. Cooking is by propane or liquid fuel by adults only. Charcoal also allowed in a grill. No open flames or campfires. Traditional stadium food vendors will also have food offered. If you are day visiting and prefer to keep what you bring to a minimum, this is a good way to go.
11. Sunday morning checkout is 11 AM. There is a non-denominational Christian prayer service Sunday morning and I am trying to find out about additional services. We clean up the site after that and need to be out by 12. Cleanup participation will be mandatory as we face a fine if not executed fully.
12. Lights out and quiet time is 10 PM each night.
13. If you are not registered for camping or day visit but decide to attend, you can purchase tickets on arrival at a need ticket booth. Adults $24, Scouts $24, Siblings $10.
14. We have CTX patches for each adult and scout attending.
I already have patches for day visitors but we will be handing out ALL patches at the next pack meeting or through the dens as we do not get the majority of them until after our campground inspection is complete on checkout. You can also buy all sorts of specialized patches, gear, clothes etc at CTX.  Adults in a family with siblings, please give your patch to your non-scout who is attending as we do not have extras. :-)
15. Finally, and thanks for everybody who stuck with this list all the way to the end, BRING your raingutter regata boats and pinewood derby cars from prior derbies. Scouts can race them (no trophies, just bragging rights) on the Cubscout Midway.

Patrick Herman · 7 years ago

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