Reverchon Roundup

Posted on Fri, Feb 12, 2016:

service project

This year's Reverchon Roundup promises to be a great opportunity for any scout in the pack who wishes to assist with a service project. Please RSVP to this evite so that Gerry Mecca and I can both see the replies.*

About  8-10 scouts from the pack participated last year and had a great time. A continental breakfast and picnic lunch including tasty bevs from Doctor Pepper - Snapple.

You can find more info at


*We will ordinarily use the wesbite to ask for your attendance but folks aren't consistently using the RSVP/sign up feature, and it's really important we get a count for this. Please reply to the eVite so we can get a count.

** A second service project related to creating havens for Monarch butterflies is under development, please contact Tina Morales to offer to assist.





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